Books are our true friends. Our school understands the importance of reading because reading books not only enhances the knowledge but also improvise basic understanding about life. Department of School Education celebrates Reading Promotion Week every year in the month November. Department issues grant to promote reading through various activities like newspaper reading, Spell Bee Competition etc.

GMSSSS Kairu took initiative in 2018 to develop its library a state of art infra-structure. Mr. Pawan Kumar Phogat, DDO of the school in 2018 initiated the vision of well-managed library. Red Carpet and Desks were arranged for the library and stock of the books was re-created for smooth functioning of the library.

Miss Anita Dahmay HES II Commerce and than Miss Savita HES II Commerce took initiative and did their best to improve the library functioning. Presently Library is managed as an In-charge by Mr. Bijender HES II Fine Arts. School Library has following facilities available –

  1. More than 1500 Books i.e. Academic, Informative, General Knowledge Literature and Science
  2. Wi-Fi Connectivity
  3. Digital Boards from Globus Infocom
  4. Projector with Digital Language Board
  5. 20 Workstation with Microphone & Tablets
  6. Periodicals
  7. LED Lights and Tubes
  8. Fans

Download the Rules of Library